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Ding Dong Resized

From the successful French play Sexe et Jalousie by Marc Camoletti and adapted for the English stage by Tudor Gates.

Sexe et Jalousie was first produced in France in 1995.  Ding Dong appeared in London in 2005, sadly after Marc Camoletti’s death in 2003.  Both productions were very successful.

This production rights by Samuel French


Bernard has discovered that his wife, Jacqueline, is having an affair with Robert. Being a reasonable Marseilles businessman, Bernard gives Robert two options.  To compensate for the affair: either he will sleep with Robert’s wife in order to keep things even, or he, Bernard, will have him, Robert, killed. Needless to say, Robert chooses to let Bernard sleep with his wife. Scheming to woo her, Bernard arranges an evening meal with both couples present – much to the frustration of their overworked and underpaid maid, Marie-Louise. However, instead of bringing his wife to the dinner, Robert pays Barbara, a call girl, to pose as his wife for the evening. Meanwhile, Jacqueline does not know that Bernard has found out about her affair and is stunned to find that their dinner guests are in fact her lover and, supposedly, his wife. The situation then becomes even more hilarious and confusing when Robert’s actual wife, Juliette, turns up for dinner.

The cast, in order of appearance
1st resized


Robert Donnarumma

Robert Donnarumma first appeared on stage at the 2016 Fringe Festival performing a monologue; He then appeared in Oscar and Felix and then on to performing in Equus. His current role in Marc Camoletti’s English version of Sexe et jalousie (Ding Dong) is a long and demanding part, but a good challenge. Robert is also a student with Anne Peters.

2nd resized


Nikki Souvertjis

Nikki completed her acting studies in New York. She has performed in theatre and film, including the recent production of Extremeties as Terry under the direction of Tony Knight at the Space Theatre. Nikki is enjoying her debut with Unmasked Theatre and sinking her teeth into the ever colourful, feisty and larger than life character of Marie-Louise.

3rd resized


Anna Marin

Anna Marin has always enjoyed dancing and performing and she grew up with Ballroom dancing, then went to Rock and Roll. She moved into Salsa at performance level in 2015. Acting came next with her appearing in movies; (RAISE THE BAR, BOYS IN THE TREES, GOING FOR GOLD and, more recently STORM BOY.) She was in a TV advertisement and appeared in educational videos for TEACHERS EDUCATIONAL TRAINING and also for DOCTORS HEALTH SA. in 2016. She was a nun in the SOUND OF MUSIC stage play at the FESTIVAL THEATRE. This year she is excited to be Jacqueline, the flamboyant wife with her own agenda in the amazing play DING DONG.

4th resized


Will Oakshott

Emerging from the music and stand-up comedy platforms of live performance initially, Will Oakeshott has been involved in live artistic production for a number of years. He has also taken part in extras roles in television, commercial and feature film where his enthusiasm and passion for performance were utilised to great effect. Regardless of the artistic avenue, performing has been a driving force for himself and an energetic and engaging showing for those to witness which he hopes to develop further with every venture.

5th resized


Noni Pandey

My name is Noni Pandey and I play the strong-willed, carefree Barbara – also known by my fellow characters as Juliette. Microbiology major at Flinders University, my hobbies include dancing, performing, pretending not to enjoy Dad jokes, and when not doing any of the above, thinking about dancing, performing, and Dad jokes. I am fluent in three languages and am particularly proficient in sarcasm and awkward small talk. My view of Barbara is that she cares little for things like morality and propriety, believing them to be ever-changing, temporary things, much like people’s opinions of her. She searches for amusement in all situations and doesn’t take most things too seriously, including herself. This makes her a stark counterpoint to the other characters in the play who are so invested in themselves and their ideals. I find her thrill-seeking attitude and childlike fascination with new things to be something that makes her far more complex than she seems to be.

6th resized


Petra Taylor

Petra has been dabbling in all aspects of theatre for the majority of her life. From nailing a set to nailing a song, she has done it. She has graced stages at Universal Studios, Royal Caribbean Cruises and now the Lithuanian Hall in Norwood. After a well needed break, she is loviong letting her hair down in the role of Juliette and is looking forward to what the company has planned for the future.

Direction by Allen Puttock ably assisted by Jillian Ketteridge

Set by Michael Page-Sharp, indefatigably assisted by

Peter Geatjens
Robert Robertson
Kieran Stefan
Davide Friz
Alex Little
Jennifer Blight
Jude Sayner
Ping Su
Michael Modi
Sophie Edwards

Promotion by Michael Page-Sharp with excellent technical assistance by Katherine Carter and Trevor Yeend on the Website and Nick Woon on graphics




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