Past Productions

Ding Dong ResizedMatch point resized

2006 26 Oct – 11 Nov
Playwright Bill Stackhouse
Director Allen Puttock





A Night By The Radio resized
2007             Radio Plays                 15 Feb – 24 Feb
                           Director                         Sean Venning
As You Like It resized
2007    As You Like It             25 Apr – 5 May
                      Playwrite                      William Shakespeare
      Director                         Thorin Cupit
Treasure Island resized
2007                Treasure Island        26 Jul – 12 Aug
                           Playwrite                      Adapted from the                                   original by Robert Louis Stephenson
                   Director                         Allen Puttock
Radio Daze resized
2008             Radio Daze                  27 Mar – 13 Apr
                           Director                         Meryl McDougal
Dry Rot resized
2008                 Dry Rot                         24 Jul – 10 Aug
                           Playwrite                      John Chapman
                           Director                         Allen Puttock
The Best Laid Plans resized
2009             Best Laid Plans         3 Oct – 24 Oct
                           Playwright                    Bill Stackhouse
                           Director                         Allen Puttock
Lovers Liars and Leftovers resized
2010 Lovers, Liars and Leftovers        23 Apr – 29 May
                           Playwright                    Adapted from an original play by Marc Camoletti
                           Director                         Allen Puttock

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