Past Productions

Ding Dong ResizedMatch point resized

2006 26 Oct – 11 Nov
Playwright Bill Stackhouse
Director Allen Puttock





A Night By The Radio resized
2007             Radio Plays                 15 Feb – 24 Feb
                           Director                         Sean Venning
As You Like It resized
2007    As You Like It             25 Apr – 5 May
                      Playwrite                      William Shakespeare
      Director                         Thorin Cupit
Treasure Island resized
2007                Treasure Island        26 Jul – 12 Aug
                           Playwrite                      Adapted from the                                   original by Robert Louis Stephenson
                   Director                         Allen Puttock
Radio Daze resized
2008             Radio Daze                  27 Mar – 13 Apr
                           Director                         Meryl McDougal
Dry Rot resized
2008                 Dry Rot                         24 Jul – 10 Aug
                           Playwrite                      John Chapman
                           Director                         Allen Puttock
The Best Laid Plans resized
2009             Best Laid Plans         3 Oct – 24 Oct
                           Playwright                    Bill Stackhouse
                           Director                         Allen Puttock
Lovers Liars and Leftovers resized
2010 Lovers, Liars and Leftovers        23 Apr – 29 May
                           Playwright                    Adapted from an original play by Marc Camoletti
                           Director                         Allen Puttock




Boeing Boeing


Another French farce by Marc Camoletti.  This play is the most performed French play outside France.


Remember Marie-Louise? Well she’s back. This time, however she is working for an English employer in Paris. Yes, that’s right, her former employers, Bernard and Jacqueline Marcellin couldn’t tolerate her any longer and sacked her for arguing with Jacqueline and seducing Bernard. She is now running a very complicated household where the master, Barclay Ponsonby, is playing a very dangerous game being engaged to three women at the same time. They are airhostesses with three different airlines, so he can keep them apart by carefully watching their timetables, but things go wrong with the introduction of the fast new Boeing aircraft and shorter times between airports. Poor Barclay! And poor Marie-Louise.

Performance nights Friday and Saturday 21, 22, 28, 29 September and 5, 6, 12, 13 October.

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