Unmasked Theatre are continuing their Dinner Theatre success with another great evening of entertainment, Crossed Lines.  Have you ever accidentally eavesdropped on a conversation and heard about your own murder? Try it sometime, its great entertainment!  And while you’re enthralled by that mayhem, enjoy the wonderful cuisine at the Public Schools Club and taste the select wine list.


And then on 10 August, by request, we are repeating our most successful French comedy, Lovers Liars & Leftovers. For those who haven’t seen it and those who like to be reminded, picture a man and his lover, his wife and her lover, who is his best friend and the cook who is mistaken for his lover, then toss in a jealous French husband.  This racy French farce will have you falling off your seats.  It did last time.


For more information go to Current Production then to Contact and Ticketing.

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